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my feets are icicles

damn i knew it was cold out this morning when i left to take rob to work but i didnt think that it was only 10 degrees and a -6 with a wind chill at that. HmmMm - it didnt feel THAT cold but yes it was cold.

its my day off and all i wanted to do is sleep in a little bit and im afraid if i lay down to go back to sleep im not gonna wake up until god knows when and thus i will not get anything done today. i need to clean up a lil bit. i need to get my laundry done. i need to do alot.

Curtain Calls came out last night and anytime Em has ever came out with a new cd me and nicci have went to meijer (all ways canton i believe) right at 12am and got it when it was released and then drove around listening to it until it was over. we didnt do it this time. it was kinda weird. it was like a kick in the ass that shit just aint the same no more. what can ya do tho. people change and grow apart huh. i didnt even get the cd. can you believe that? i cant either. im broke tho so its gonna have to wait till friday.

went gocery shopping last night and finally got food in this house of mine. bout damn time. i was amazed i went with $100 and only spent $100 almost to the pennie. good stuff. i had freakin $17 in bottle returns too. that made me laugh. i was tryin to tell rob that the closet was building up but NoOoo he didnt want to listen to me. its all good he'll learn sooner or later.

i think im bout to get screwed outta this truck that mark was gonna sell me. he said originally that he wanted $1500 for it and he'd take $100 a month and now james is talkin that he wants $100 every other week. i cant do that shit. thatd be another $300 added to the rest of my bills and i cant afford that right now. i fuckin hate fat-man. hes on my last nerve. shits bout to hit the fan when it comes to him.

my moms cell got turned off again thus meaning i need to watch my minutes again. shitty shitty. i need to get my credit card back so i can order her the xmas gift i wanna get her. they got some cute ass smores out and she doesnt have them. i should look into that when im done with this.

i need to start laundry but im dreading it. lol. i hate doing laundry.

but i think thats what im bout to do. then ima take a shower.

ahh theres the shadow in the window again. i wonder if theres a door out there. HmMm -
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