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frozen fingers

i hate this damn weather. i wish it was still summer but then id probally be complaining that its too hot outside. i hate michigan. that just bout sums it up dont it? nah - i love it here. i dont think id ever leave. maybe the city im in and move a lil more up north but not the state.

im starting to get restless. the internet sux. theres nothing to do on it anymore. i dont want to go to sleep because then i'll be tired tonite at work and it will make the day drag. YuCk! i hate these types of days.

i gotta go to the doctors in the morning cuz the rash on my neck. i got an 8 o'clock appointment. why i scheduled it that earlie i'll never understand but i guess its better to just do it and get it over with dont ya think? at least tomarrows my off day. i wanna try to get some xmas shopping done depending on how much my check is. i gotta pay my cell too. i hope i dont forget bout that cuz i just now remembered. that wouldnt be good.

tiffany had her baby on tuesday. congrats to her. shes got a lil gurl. she was born at 415pm 6lbs 13oz and 22in. i wanted to go see her this morning cuz shes still in the hospital but i dont have a ride out there. it sux pretty bad. i'd take james truck but i dont have any money to put in the gas tank and theres not enough gas to get me there and back. im gonna try and make it over there this weekend tho so hopefully things work out.

ash called me yesterday which kinda suprised me. i was at work so i couldnt take the call but when i called her back she didnt say much of anything so i dont know what was up with that. she was suppose to call me back last night when she got off of work but didnt. thats normal when it comes to her. i guess me too tho cuz i never call her back when i say im going to. she claims shes still gonna come home in febuary. i hope so. i miss them. plus i wanna see chloe and kiara.

i kinda hope it snows tonite. i wanna go to the light fest but i want alot of snow to be on the ground. it'd be prettier that way. maybe we'll go saturday night. we'll have to see. i know sunday we're suppose to take shelby downtown to go ice skating. im not sure if thats a fer sure thing or not tho. we'll have to just wait and see.

ive been updating this thing alot lately. kinda weird. it keeps me occupied for the time being tho.

oh yea - went tuesday night on my way home and got the Em cd. almost walked out buying the edited version but headed back and fixed that right quick. just got the basic version cuz they didnt have the special edition. i was so disappointed. then nicci went to target last night and found the special editon so she picked it up for me. im so excited. i wanna listen to it but i cant until xmas cuz i promised rob i wouldnt. he wanted to buy it for me for xmas and i wouldnt let him cuz i thought they were gonna sell out and he wanted to wait until closer to xmas to pick it up. hello its EminEm - his shit dont stay around very long. heh. either way i got both discs so im a happy camper.

i need to get ahold of rob and let him know that he needs to find a ride to his angermanagement tonite cuz i have work and fat man is acting like an ass and has "runnin around" for bryen to do and bry was his original ride. fuckin blows. i hate worrying bout him not making it there. but its like if he dont make it there then hes gonna violate and then shits gonna hit the fan.

wow - Em has a video out for 'when im gone' i didnt know that until just now. and damn does that boy look good as fuck :) as always! it makes me sick to hear the news that hes gonna remarry kim. blah. i thought he was actually smart. guess not. heh. its all good. i still love him! LoL

HmMmm - time to find a game to occupy a lil more time.
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