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im pooped

i been runnin around from city to city all morning. woke up at 730 and been on the go since 8am.

Rob went to see his PO@Southgate today - we now have until Feb 2nd to come up with a grand. the pressure is adding. made it out to wayne to pay his other probation which is now in the 3 hundreds so its half a smile. we're getting there. slowly but surely.

made it to target today to pick up the odds and ends for xmas and of course walked out without the things i went for. go figure. got a lil grocery shopping done and cleaned up the house. i got the bathroom left but i dont feel like tackeling that one at the moment. im smokin a cigg chaning and headin out to my mommas house to pick rob up and then goin and chillin at Sams for a few. i think ima make a decent dinner tonite tho so i dont know if all my plans for the night are going to go as planned. we'll see tho as the time goes by.

rode with joey down to this auto sales place that hes tryin to get a job for. took the long way of Michigan Ave to Downtown and back up fort until we could find it. made me laugh right quick. its the place with the lil scarecrow dude. half intresting lil guy. brought back memories. on the way home found out that they relayed the part of fort under the bridge half decently. theres still quite a few bumps in that road tho. thought of ash while i was driving thru there. i miss her and kiki. im sure if i knew chloe i would miss her too. shit i miss the fact that i dont know her yet and shes two months old already. i wish she would talk to me. it sux how ppl change.

gotta drop by PSP18 sometime tonite too and see if Pam is workin. i havent talked to her in sometime. im sure theres some catching up to do. besides i miss that place.

got work at 7 in the morning AGAIN and im not looking forward to it although when Brandon comes over im sure i'll miss those earlie mornings once im closing all the damn time. work is work.

gotta remember to pay my visa friday. i dont have the money in the bank right now cuz im dead broke and the bill is due monday. happy fucking birthday to me.

having xmas dinner over there with my family + mark. should be intresting. i guess tho we're having like a big dinner at my moms on xmas eve and then xmas day we're just gonna do the gift thing and a lil lunch thingamajig over here. we'll see how that one goes.

re-runs on ABCFAM - gotta love it. awww gilmore girls is on tonite too. i wonder if its gonna be a new episode. we'll have to watch and see. but its time for me to head out cuz i gotta stop at blockbuster right quick my movie is now two days late. oppps. thank god for no more late fees.
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