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i fucking hate earlie mornings.....

this shit is wearing me out. i woke up at a quarter to six this morning freaking out cuz i thought i was running late. dont know what that thought ran thru my head but it definatly got my ass outta bed quick. heh.

eight more hours to go (im @ work) we dont even open for another hour and twenty minutes. now tell me why the hell does hollywood have to come so fucking earlie? i dont know either.

read my whole mary,mary book yesterday. fucking insane. kept going back and fourth with it until my laundry was done then i went and got rob, came home made dinner, and went back to my book after i found out gimore girls wasnt on bc the fucking pistons game. it was good tho. i <3 james patterson. by the ending tho im thinking this just might be the last of the series. ya never know tho cuz he tried to pull that like three books ago and look what happened.

i feel like ima fall asleep at this desk - not the first time but definatly not a good thing either. i'll be wakin up to the phone scaring the shit outta me. shannons last week is coming up fast. kinda sad. ima miss her...lol =).

gotta take heather to the mall tomarrow cuz neil got her some gift cards. im comtemplating if i want to put the wallet that matches my purse on my credit card or if im just gonna bite the time and get it sometime next month. i really wanna switch purses too but im dead broke and i dont have a matching wallet. we'll have to see what my bill is down to. i think its around $400 already which is good. its getting there.

so woke up yesterday morning with a flat that was great. it all started on xmas eve when i hit the railroad tracks and then had to slam on my breaks cuz the fucktard in front of me. it was holding up exceptionally well tho and then yesterday we get ready to leave and it was flat as a pancake. james came out with the wrecker and picked it up. when they was pullin it up the lil ramp thing the tire came off the rim. kinda pissed me off cuz i cant afford a damn rim for it. nonetheless he took it to muscat and had both front tires replaced as my bday present. day late but nonetheless it was a helpful gesture. i needed tired bad. YET - on the way to my moms yesterday my brakes went out. that was fucking awesome. it was the more stressed and terrifying ride of my life. thinking at any moment someone in front of me was gonna slow down too quick and i was gonna slam into them. i made it to the house safe tho thankfully. so now im back to james truck until i can afford to get the brakes done. i guess some caliper or something leaked all the break fluid out resulting in no breaks. gotta love vehicles. i dont!!! i miss my car =(

i think its time to go smoke right quick cuz its almost eight which means the phone will start to ring soon. damn early bird - we dont fucking open till nine! get it thru your heads....

i'll be back
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