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im actually not even all that tired this morning but im yawning like a mother fucker. kinda amuzing.

one more week of these early mornings and then brandon gets to take em over! gotta love it. shannons ready to pop any day now - which is kinda scary cuz shes still working. hopefully she dont go into labor at work or nothing. that would kinda suck. this is her last week tho and the week is half over so im sure she'll make it thru just fine.

its almost 730 and our hollywood order has yet to get here. makes me wonder if they went and picked up the prebook first or something. eight fucking pallets gotta love it. then again gotta love being able to sit at work and just play around for two hours on the computer.

so tomarrow is thursday and tomarrow i get my check AND i still have $18 in the bank. I survived the first week of the new year being flat out broke. yay me. heh. its all good. this week we should get back on track money wise. yet we still have yet to get the truck fixed. im thinkin bout just going and seeing if murrys or somebody has the parts and taking it out to garys to have him fix it that way it gets done but im half scared to drive all the way out there with no brakes and no brake fluid meaning the brakes could freeze up at any moment. idk - i guess we'll have to see what happens this week. theres still 2 more days to go before its over.

i need to make it to the mall to see if they have my wallet yet for the purse joey bought me for xmas. i really want to switch over but i dont even have a wallet that will match until i get the one i want. it makes me wonder where all my purses went.

went to my moms yesterday and started cleaning out my closet. it was sorta sad. they're making my room into a game/smoke room for the boys. thus meaning my next trip over there i have to take down all my posters. it'll be a sad day in that house when them walls are bare again. real sad day. what can ya do tho - i dont live there anymore. yet at the same time it almost makes me feel like im not welcome back either. kinda sux.

aww and when i was cleaning out my closet if came across my flute which brought back memories and i could only find like 2 sheets of music so i went with it and tried to play and i can barely remember the notes. it was sad. heh. i ended up having to refresh my memory by playing 'my heart will go on' which mind you is the most annoying song ever. i wish i could find my binder with all my shit in it including my starters book which has all the freaking notes. i searched all over my room tho and couldnt find it. yet i finally picked up the broken glass from the mirror that was in there only to come across another frame or something that the glass was broken on but i didnt pick that up. i just left it. my next day off is gonna be like spring cleaning over there. i have so much shit to go thru its not even funnie. i found a box from like ten years ago when i first moved to DH that wasnt even unpacked. its all old shit from when i moved from dearborn. made me want to cry. it was weird.

me and rob had a talk the other night and decided that we're gonna stay out in woodhaven for another year and then look for a house. his reasoning is that if he ends up going to jail next month for however long then he feels safter with me being there cuz he knows i can afford it on my own. my reasoning was because i like it alot out there and basically i dont feel like moving agian already. the way i look at it is by next year my credit should be cleared up and that way whether i decide to rent or buy i'll have better options. im leaning toward buying a lil bit bc i want something permanent thats mine but i dont know. thats a big step for me - for us at that. i guess we'll have to wait and see where we're at in a year and go from there. either way - woodhaven is the final decision, or is it brownstown i forget?!?

but anyways - off the see what my order looks like, i'll be back probally next week!
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