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the beginning of a stressful night....

i feel like a mother and a lil gurl all in one.

gary sold the fifty-eight. $8500. the guys gonna western union him $3000 and then give him the rest when he gets the car. so what do i get? a phone call. "hey babe, im not gonna see you till tomarrow we're going to new york." and the stress begins. now i know how my mom felt when bryen up and left to pick up a car in NY. what the hell is it with ppl and cars in NY. geeze-o-petes. they should be leaving in about less than an hour. its gonna be a long night. probally a sleepless night, and on top of it all im home alone. i dont like that - its where the lil girl is kickin in with me..heh! i wish i could get ahold of samantha. i need someone here with me. well not necessarily need but want. they're gonna try the canadian route first but they dont know if rob can get across without his birth certificate. if not they're taking the OH-PA-NY route which is only like an hour longer. i just hope they dont get lost. cross your fingers for me that all goes well. if it does - i think this means he gets his liscense sooner than expected which would be fucking awesome. but until they get home and he walks thru this door, im not even gonna think about it.

i need something to occupy me...
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