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Another One Down.....

does it mean your a true fan when breaking news brings tears to your eyes?

i woke up this morning brushed my teeth, grabbed a smoke, layed back down in bed and turned on the news. it was like "breakin news next: well-known detroit rapper killed this morning".

at first i sat thinkin who the hell was it none of the regulars really crossed my mind. then the news came back on and they showed Proofs picture and i was like holy shit this isnt right. i guess there was some club fight and nonetheless he was shot in the head and killed.

i dont think listening to their music or any concerts will ever be the same. he had some badass talent in him. he was awesome. if it wasnt for him there would be no Eminem as we know today, which is really hard to believe.

its kinda like in the video of Toy Soliders, i can remember at the end proof gets shot and dies and they show the funeral and shit. it was fucked up like hey why you makin something like that Proof cant die, he'll never die, heh, now he did.

what a depressingly sad loss.

what is this world coming to?

::shakes her head::

d12 & em - whats gonna happen now?
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