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yes i know - im neglectful

first thought - i dont know if i even spelt neglectful right, lol.

so i havent been here in awhile and the most amazing thing ever? i can actually see my layouts full version bc i have a monitor that works and a brand new computer that i absolutely adore. ive had it for maybe a month now and abuse it by DLing all the music that used to be on my old one plus a bunch of new stuff. whats next? a new computer desk bc i dont like this one very much anymore since i cant hook my printer up. thats my excuse to go to IKEA and spend money!!!

so not much has been going on as of late. work, and work, and work, and movies, and work some more. i finally got to spend some one on one time with rob last weekend which was nice bc i live with him but feel like i never spend time with him. i enjoyed it. went and hit golf balls, did the batting cages, finally got to play tennis after buying the stuff at meijer and pissing off the sales associate which is always a good time. it was a good day. we're suppose to go to the gun range this weekend with charlene but his mom and nephew are coming to town and are staying with us for a week so we'll have to see how that one works out.

me nicci and rob went to china buffet last night and i could have puked. not the type of food i like. they grossed me out by eating crab legs and freakin sushi. ::GAG:: :) i said i would try it tho and i kept my word - and then ended up eating chicken fingers and french fries. gotta love the american/kids food section. lol. i guess some people just never grow up. i know i hate growing up.

my plans for the day were to spend the day chillin at the pool with nicci and then what happens? its over cast and hot and it rains. so i cleaned my house after sitting around most of the day. its all good tho cuz it needed to be cleaned. hopefully we can go thru with our plans tomarrow if not i think she mentioned going to IKEA which excites me bc its been open for awhile now and i STILL havent been there. we'll just have to wait and see.

work is annyoing. i hate my schedule. i wish i could get outta woodhaven and just be back at dearborn full time. its not gonna happen tho. shirley said i might go back on wednesdays but even thats an if situation. im glad im not there tomarrow cuz all my new purina should be coming in on hollywood and i DONT want to deal with it. i told em to stick it on a cart and i'll deal with it on thursday. ima be kinda mad if they work anything in cuz i already have plans for where i want everything. Plus it will keep me busy and outta trouble. lords knows im good for gettin in to it!

im finally going to fill out my app for HFCC tomarrow and registar and shit and im hoping i can do everything online bc i dont want to deal with going to that arab filled school. not looking forward to it but im looking forward to finally getting back to school. im still gonna go for criminal justice as of right now but i dont know if i want to stick with that. im sort of up in the air about the whole situation but i figure if i go and take my basics at least im putting my foot in the door and getting started instead of just putting it off over and over again like ive been doing. besides my mom will be happy and hopefully my sister will get off my back.

mine and robs one year is coming around the corner quite fast. i want to do something for him only i dont know what bc i think i have to work that saturday but i know im off that sunday so i'll have to work something out with dearborns schedule and then figure out how to suprise him all at the same time. that and im not sure if we'll have the money to do anything. we should but who knows bc its the first of the month and every bill we have is all due at the same freaking time. i'll have to mess around with that one tho and see what i can pull off.

cali is gettin HUGE. i need to get her to the vet for her shots and to get her declawed and all that good shit. shes growing up so fast yet, shes still a lil bitch. gotta love her. i miss jug tho - alot. my mom just got another house phone and i set it up so that when she calls his pic pops up. i miss him. i cant wait to get a house and finally bring him home with me.

HmMm i dont know what else. i gotta finish makin dinner tho cuz rob should be home soon and im hungry so if i remember i'll update again soon and if not then i'll see this site in about another 3 months. lol.

oh and did i mention how i LOVE acting like a teenager once in awhile and gettin involved with drama? besides its a 100% better when your best friend is right at your side. LoL
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