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Im BaCk!!!

i dont know how often i'll use this thing but lately ive been like "hey i should update - oh yea i deleted my journal" so i reactivated it for the time being.

ive been sitting on the phone for 1hr and 21min with DTE trying to get myself back on a budget plan. this is fucking ridiculous. theres honestly no reason to be on hold this long. fucking morons.

and to think i still have more phone calls to make cuz i need to find a new doc - i hate making phone calls, that is unless its for my own amusement - know what i mean.

the apartment is officially mine hence the horrible call to DTE. once its done and over with tho things should be alright. im freaking afraid ima lose my signal on my cell. that would fucking suck.

work is a piece of shit. i hate my job. i dont even want to begin to discuss that shit.

i need to get to my moms and pick up her computer cuz chris is coming this weekend to take this one. i really just want to ask her how much she wants for it but at the moment i cant afford shit. im so fucking broke its not funnie. thats life tho right, i need a new job - one that pays better.

opening weekend at the dunes was this past weekend. my mom and everyone went up. i wanted to go so bad but i didnt take the time off - for that matter i dont think i could have taken the time off. i hope rob sucks it up this summer and decides he wants to go cuz i think i'd miss him if i left to go all weekend and he stayed home.

i need to get over to SOS and get my shit changed over. my cable bill is fucking ridiculously high, they had shit for deals going on. but it was cheaper to get digital than basic so i have on demand which is pretty sweet. i wanted to go with WOW cuz they had some real decent deals but they dont service my area. fuckin retards.

hmmm i got a ton of laundry to do cuz i havent done any in like 3 weeks and i cant even start it bc my battery is dead and i dont want to lose the call and sit on hold for another 2 hours. did i mention how bad this is running my minutes up? yea - they should pay my fucking phone bill....

HmMm i think thats enough of my bitchy rant - i'll finish later
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